Stage 5 Trade Analyzer

Custom Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Front-end: jQuery, HTML, CSS
Back-end: .NET, Pusher Realtime communication protocol
Broker APIs: GAIN Capital, CQG

This was a project initiated by Stage 5 Trading Corp. to create a sleek and useful dashboard for all their trades to analyze their trades. As with anything, in trading, “what gets measured, gets managed!”

Stage 5 Trade Analyzer Dashboard

On the back-end we wrote specialized software to connect to the FCMs and collect data for all the traders within their universe of clients. Then these were recorded and analyzed and the results presented to the traders in a sleek and easy to understand dashboard which shows them where they are doing well and where they need improvement.

This is also allows Stage 5 to have one-on-one conversations with their traders/clients and go through where their weak points are so that they can formulate a better trading plan.

This platform also shows a traders’ trades and allows them to gauge their emotions during the trade, and assign a score to the trade after it has completed.