Customized Algorithmic and Analytic Trading Solutions

For brokers, hedge-funds, and professional traders

Algorithmic Auto-Traders

Bring your current trading strategy to life by creating auto-traders that follow your trading strategy, and connects to your broker’s API for order management

Trading Applications

State-of-the-art desktop or web applications for brokers or traders, from the simplest of ideas to the most complex, we do it all

 Trading Data Analytics Platforms

Trading analytics for brokers and hedge-funds analysing large datasets and displaying results in clear and sleek charts, gauges, and data tables


Rithmic Trade Analyzer Dashboard

A desktop application designed for deployment to all clients of 3 Sigma Trading Corp.  Provides real-time and historical trading data and statistics with charts and gauges

Algorithmic RoboTrader

A complex completely customized fast trading system using IB and Rithmic API for order placement and management according to an adjustable trading strategy

Crypto Market Maker

An internal market maker for the Blockstation crypto assets exchange.   Make market according to the changing orders placed into the market, as well as asset prices at other crypto exchanges

Realtime + Historical Trade Analyzer

A full web-based trading analytics dashbarod used daily by traders of Stage 5 Trading Corp.  Providing insight by providing traders with easy to understand statistics on all their trades

TradeOMeter High Probability Trade Indicator

A real-time day-trading indicator for 6 popular futures contracts, displaying high-probability buy and sell areas to traders

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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Morad A.

Edge Clear Trading Corp.

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Larry R.

Professional Trader

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Anthony G.

Stage 5 Trading Corp.