Custom Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Front-end: Angular 8, Angular Materials
Back-end: ASP.NET Core, WebSockets, MySQL
Broker APIs: Interactive Brokers, Rithmic

This is a unique trading strategy brought to us for automation by a professional trader. He wanted the strategy to be created into a fully automated trading algorithm, with a sleek and easy user interface for reporting and control of the algo.

This algo trades 7 different futures contracts during the day with a high rate of turn and complex trading rules which change as the day progresses.

At the end of the day, it shuts down and waits to run again the next day.

RoboTrader in action during the trading day.

This system has tight rules that need to be followed regarding placing and canceling order, as well as, fail safes and checks to ensure nothing goes wrong during the trading day, especially with the large amount of contracts being traded at once – there is a lot of money on the line.

Trades and executions for the day can be viewed in realtime.

Real-time trades and P&L for each trade.