Crypto Market Maker

Custom Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Back-end: ASP.NET Core, RabbitMQ
Front-end: Angular

This was a project to build a market maker for a crypto currency exchange technology provider. The company (Blockstation) creates the technology that allows traditional financial exchanges to be able to offer crypto-currency trading as well as the typical financial assets.

The idea behind the creation of a market maker was two fold, firstly to ensure that the orderbook is fully stacked with orders and doesn’t look empty at the time of launch, and secondly to actually put in orders that are profitable – like any market maker, we want to make money from the operation of creating market for the public.

Blockstation orderbook being entirely populated by the automatic market maker.

This also included a controller page for the internal controller (trader) to adjust spread and move spread up between the top-of-book bids and asks as well as to skew the orderbook… for example, if our BTC inventory is getting low, then we should encourage the public to sell BTC against USD, and skew the orderbook to where it makes more sense to sell BTC/USD on the Blockstation exchange.

Market making systems can be extremely profitable.