Trading Algo X is a real-time market indicator for day traders
based on proprietary pattern analysis of the underlying 500 stocks of the S&P500 index, our algorithm shows, over-bought and over-sold conditions, high probability reversals, market speed, aggressiveness, and much more insightful information

  • Oversold indication leaving to 8 point rally.
  • Two over-sold indications leading to short-term and long-term reversals.
  • Amazing over-sold indication marks the bottom of the day!
  • Amazing over-bought indication marks the top of the day!
  • Trading Algo X is a true real-time indicator, reacting instanly to changes in the market.
  • Spike in underlying market activity shows possible program trades taking positions before slide down.
  • Spike in Market Speed, indicative of possible move.
  • Spike in Market Speed shows possible algorithms and program trades taking positions into up coming slide.

You can also check out the historical charts to see previous performance
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Refer to the tutorial page for a breif overview of the indicators

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