Trading Algo X is a real-time market indicator for day traders
based on proprietary pattern analysis of the underlying 500 stocks of the S&P500 index, our algorithm shows, over-bought and over-sold conditions, high probability reversals, market speed, aggressiveness, and much more

Trading Algo X will help you trade with more confidence, knowing where the high-probability reversal areas in the market are.

If you are a counter-trend trader, you use the signals in conjunction with your trading plan to confirm the zones of high-probability market reversal.

If you are a trend trader, you can use the signals to determine areas to scale out or close out your positions.
Trading Algo X will show you where the over-sold areas in the market are. When this area is determined, a blue triangle will appear on the chart in real-time and a vocal warning will alert you to the high-probabilty area for a possible change in market trend. Two over-sold indications leading to short-term and long-term reversals.
Oversold indication leaving to 8 point rally. Similarly, Trading Algo X will mark crossings into an over-bought area with an upside down red triangle, and a vocal warning will let you know of the indication and possible change in trend.
Our proprietary Market Speed indicator will show you the areas where short bursts of high volume trading come into the underlying stocks of the S&P500.

These are often algorithmic or black-box trading systems taking positions in the market; often in anticipation of market moves.
Two over-sold indications leading to short-term and long-term reversals.
Trading Algo X is a great tool for navigating volatile markets. It only provides signals during market volatility, and keeps you out of the market chop on calm days. The interactive chart below allows you to see which days had over-sold (blue marker), over-bought (red market), or both signals (yellow marker).

You can click the markers on the chart to view that day... Go ahead, play around...

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